Background & Possibilities of YouTube Sequence Ads

February 15th, 2019
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The Skinny:

YouTube has introduced creative suite, a collection of resources to help advertisers like IXVY tell great stories on YouTube, test creative variations and measure creative impact. One of these options, is telling brand stories through YouTube Sequence Ads.

Video Ad Sequencing:

With video ad sequencing, you can tell your product or brand story by showing people a series of videos in the order that you define. You can use a video ad sequence campaign to build interest, reinforce a message, or create a unifying theme. This article explains how video ad sequencing works, what type of bidding strategies and ad formats you can use, and how you can view the results of your campaign.

How It Works:

A video ad sequence is made up of a series of video ads that you’d like to show to a person. Each sequence campaign is made up of a series of “steps.” Within each step of a sequence is an ad group and a video ad. Most of a sequence’s settings are selected at the campaign level—such as a bidding strategy and targeting—but you’ll select your ad format and bid within each of your sequence’s steps. Once your sequence campaign is running, people will see the first step in the sequence. After a person sees the first step in your sequence, they can see the second step, and so on until every sequence step in your campaign has been shown.

To help you tell your brand’s story, we optimize ad sequence campaigns to show in their entirety. Keep in mind, progress through the steps in your sequence is based on impressions (not on views, engagements, or other metrics). For a person to move to the second step in your sequence, for example, an impression must be counted for the video in the first step.

Bidding strategies include the following:

  • Target CPM (Recommended)
    With Target CPM, YouTube will optimize bids to show your entire sequence campaign to your audience, which can help you get a higher sequence completion rate.
  • Maximum CPM
  • Maximum CPV

Ad formats include the following:

  • TrueView in-stream ads
  • Bumper ads
  • A combination of TrueView in-stream and bumper ads

Video Testing:

Testing video creative can be expensive, time-consuming and not always indicative of real-world performance. That’s why we’re launching Video experiments, a head-to-head testing tool in AdWords that works with brand lift measurement and allows you to measure the impact of creative on key metrics like awareness, consideration, purchase intent and more. Cleanly segmented experiments run on YouTube at no extra cost beyond media investment and deliver results in as few as three days. Video experiments, launching in beta later this month, convert non-working media spend typically used for focus groups in simulated ad environments into working media spend in real ad environments. On YouTube, people only watch what they want, making it an ideal testing ground for actionable results you can trust.