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At IXVY Orthopedics, we have an entire division fully dedicated to marketing Orthopedic, Spine and Neurosurgical specialties. Through our proprietary software, technology, and marketing expertise, our platform creates visibility for your practice and drives qualified new patients, positive reviews and profits.

We Know Orthopedics.

We Have Over 15 Years Experiences in Orthopedic, Spine & Neurosurgical Marketing Data.

Orthopedic, Spine & Neurosurgical Patient Testimonial & Surgery Videos Filmed

Hours Spent Country-Wide Interviewing Unique Orthopedic Patients

Hours Editing Specific Patients Testimonial Videos, Surgeries and Stories

Over 500 Hours Spent Training Orthopedic Reception Staff

New Patient Appointments Booked Online From Ads

Positive Reviews Generated For Practices All Over The Country

We Manage Over 500M In Advertising Spend For Our Clients Nationwide

We have worked with hundreds of orthopedic, spine and neurosurgical practices and hospitals all over the United States, with countless referrals and reference for your practice to speak with.

We’re confident that our understanding of Ortho/Spine/Neuro Conditions and Procedures is unmatched by any other marketing agency claiming to truly know these specialties. 



Your Practice Will:

– Increase Practice Visibility & Volume
– Learn Micro & Macro Goal Strategy
– Gain Ability to Scale Your Practice
– Leverage Our Patient Tracking Capabilities
– Organize Proprietary Data Generated
– Have Optimized Online Channels
– Understand Clear ROI With In-Depth Tracking
– Increase Profits, Decrease Stress

areas we have perfected

✓ hipaa-compliant patient lead tracking

✓patient behavior, reaction & response concepts

✓ exact true-roi measurement (real patient leads)

✓ Google Ads (ppc) Management

✓ Social Media advertising Management

✓Advanced Patient Review Technology

✓ Reputation & Directory Management

✓ Proprietary Data & Insight Building

A Phone Call With IXVY Health Can Change Your Practice.