What did you learn from your digital marketing last month? With our proprietary MyConversions Program, you will learn all the critical data needed to run optimized marketing tuned for your specific business and top return-on-investment.

MyIdentity is a professional Online Reputation and Directory Management Program run by both experienced experts and world leading technology. We organize and polish your online identify for optimal business growth.

Approved by MD Advisory Board, MyLibrary consists of thousands of animations, explanation videos and written content for healthcare providers. Our content is optimized for websites and can be used for a variety of marketing initiatives.

About MyIdenity

On this page, you can learn about the MyIdenity Program and the awesome features available within our technology and expertise. 

✓ Full Directory Management

Online directories such as Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and hundreds of others including important platforms (like Apple Maps, Bing Maps, Uber, etc) have been either neglected or disorganized by many businesses.

Our MyIdenity technology offers a fast, simple and permanent managed solution to this problem.

We actively manage your businesses information (in a thorough way including specialties, services, updates, photos, etc) to hundreds of critical online directories and platforms.

Benefits of MyIdenity:

  • Having consistent information across the web on all major and minor platforms has proven to improve search engine rankings and SEO scores as the business is now registered with hundreds of important directories, backlinks and traffic opportunities.
  • Using this technology will increase the visibility of your business to potential customers/patients
✓ Reputation Management
    • Directory-Sync customers can also add-on Reputation Pro which allows our team to actively manage your online reputation by quickly responding to important reviews across all major platforms on your behalf.
    • Simply put, all negative reviews need to be responded to. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not properly trained in online reputation management. Since deleting comments is not an option on most platforms, showing active engagement and initiative on behalf of the business is critical.
    • No Robots, ever. Each and every response is carefully crafted from one of our highly trained staff members.
✓ Review Control
    • Review-Control does just that, gives you control of your online reviews. Unlike other platforms, our system integrates with your business at a deep level to automatically send out review requests from customers/patients. For healthcare, this is done in a HIPAA-Compliant way and integrates with your systems EHR.
    • The potential customer is provided text with a simple question about their experience. “Would You Recommend Sample Businesses’ Services?” – If the user answers yes, they are directed to fill out a review online at a location-driven from previously installed apps on their phone (Google, Yelp, etc).
    • If they answer “No”, they are then directed internally to our system where we can reach out to the customer/patient and find out their concerns and correct them.
    • Pricing varies by business. Please call for more information.
  • Review-Control: Pricing varies by business. Please call for more information.

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For our medical clients, we are fully HIPAA-Compliant, with all PHI secured.


What Happens When Non-Paid Users Visits My Site?

When an organic (non-paid, non-ppc) user visits your site, nothing happens. Since there is no paid traffic to track, we show your normal number– unchanged.

What Happens When A Paid Users Visits My Site?

When a visitor visits your site as a result of our paid advertising efforts (Social Media, Google Ads, PPC, etc) our systems will instantly change the normal phone numbers to a tracking phone number so that the subsequent actions can be tracked and analyzed by our team. If calls are not the main campaign performance indicator, we have advanced processes for tracking form submissions, signups and other KPI’s to the keyword-level to build proprietary marketing data for your business.