Meet IXVY’s Elite Team of E-Commerce Digital Marketing Experts.

PPC Advertising

Win audiences with top-level PPC campaigns expertly crafted, meticulously tested and refined using real data guaranteed to grow and improve results.

Advanced Social Media Advertising

We understand how to be agile in the ever-changing platforms of social medial advertising. Experimentation guided by Data with immense understandings of behavioral targeting.

Experiments & Strategy Development

To be clear, we experiment at a high level. We have a collective 40+ years of experience. We’re always looking for new approaches to reduce cost and improve profits.

Our Strategy + Your Customers = Profit.

We search, experiment and develop key strategies that win customers and profit companies. We uncover critical strategies through continued experiments, testing and smart data-driven decision making.

Meet Our Google Team

Our Google Ad’s Team is comprised of some of the worlds leading experts in Pay-Per-Click. Many of our team members have previously work at Google in Leadership roles and have truly extensive experience in all facets of the platform. The majority of the time, we are able to recommend strategies and approaches that other agencies are not even aware of  because of our incredible staff.