Welcome to IXVY.

A Division of StrategyBase.

We’ve thrown away the traditional agency set up.

Everyone we hire is a true thought leader in their respective position and field.

A relatively low-key agency with large scale results. Located in NJ, AZ & MD. 

Experts In Crypto Marketing & Strategy

Several members of our team are Ex-Googler’s who left with a mission to work with and grow cryptocurrency business. Click below to learn more about who we are and our mission. 

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Looking for Medical Marketing?

Former clients of both Gold Medical Marketing and IXVY Health are now being managed under our new dedicated healthcare agency, HavePatients. Clck below to learn more about our health marketing services, programs and software.

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We Are Analysts & Strategists.

Ah, analysis and strategy. Everyone claims they do it and do it well. Anyone can publish a Facebook or Google Search Ad– yet are they trusted to manage millions of dollars in spend each day? Ask to talk to our existing clients to find out how we dominate goals and provide incredible ROI. We do this through seriously intense strategy and analysis sessions that don’t stop until we have an answers we are guaranteed to meet and exceed all requirements of a project.  

We Are Artists.

We’ve design and built brands from the ground up through our incredible audio/video and graphic design department. We bring original and unique creative ideas to our clients that garner attention and grow brands. We’ve filmed everything from brand positioning videos to superbowl commericals.